Fat Ass!

This web page displays the amount of fat on your ass when using your favorite component based framework/library

I wrote the exact same application that just registers a component with a template that displays `Fat Ass!`. Then I compressed the app, bundling all js files together and minifying the output.

Here are the results so far:

Library Component Size JS (minified) JS (minified + gzipped) Demo
Polymer 2.0 361.00 Bytes 44.25 KB 11.97 KB Link
Vue 2 64.00 Bytes 117.79 KB 34.51 KB Link
Polymer 350.00 Bytes 181.30 KB 45.03 KB Link
React 155.00 Bytes 372.02 KB 77.42 KB Link
Angular 89.00 Bytes 301.02 KB 77.89 KB Link